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SKU TS3608
  • WISS MADE VEGETABLE PEELER Swiss efficiency should be a must in your kitchen. Our sharpest blade will make peeling vegetables in your kitchen an effortless and beautiful experience. A fast smooth vegetable peeling experience has been brought across the ocean straight to your kitchen. Look no further than Toolswiss Clasinox vegetable peeler
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN Comfortable to hold, even for a while. Does not put pressure on your wrist, fingers, or arm. Makes for a smooth, effortless peeling experience. Whether you are peeling an easy apple of a difficult tomato, peeling and skinning fruit or vegetables should not be a strain on your hand or wallet
  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY We want you to be happy and know you will with our Swiss made vegetable peeler. We pack each of our products with a full 10 year warranty.