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This is lavender in its purest form. Lavender essential oil is sweet, calming, and relaxing. Our dropper bottle is perfect for making your own essential oil blends or using in an essential oil diffuser. Also available in a soothing, diluted form -- the rollerball applicator.

5 mL

Please note: essential oils (ALL essential oils, including lavender) are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY — never consume any essential oil internally. Internal consumption MAY cause irritations to the esophagus, stomach, and/or damage the useful bacterial flora in the intestines. Not enough research has been done to conclusively prove the safety of consuming essential oils, so we urge our customers to err on the side of caution.

For safe internal (culinary) consumption, use lavender buds or lavender EXTRACT (which is derived by infusing lavender buds in vodka — go to our "Culinary Buds" page for a simple recipe).